Lebanon High School

Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Indiana, just Northwest of Indianapolis downtown, is committed to success in every Indiana kid enrolled in their school. This central Indiana high school reaches students by stressing the value of education. Since its founding in 1876, one things has remained constant at Lebanon High School, their commitment to providing quality Indiana education to Hoosier students.

Lebanon High School was first founded as a one room operation in the original Central School. In its journey to today, Lebanon High School has moved from place to place over the years. In 1890, the school moved to the site of the Harney School, currently occupied by the Elks Club of Lebanon. The first traditional high school was built in 1908 on North Lebanon Street.

Auditorium at Lebanon High SchoolJust over twenty years later, Lebanon High School opened in a new location on Meridian Street. The two locations on Meridian Street and North Lebanon Street were used for Lebanon education until 1958. At that time, both branches merged into a building on Essex Drive, which still operates as Lebanon High School today.

In an effort to better serve the Lebanon community and Lebanon kids, the school began to expand in the late 1960s. By 1967, the physcial education wing of the high school was complete. This complex included a brand new gymnasium, swimming pool and auditorium. In 1972, the people of Lebanon agreed to expand their high school once again with a circular wing for English classes.

Football Field at Lebanon High SchoolIn 1990, Lebanon High School proudly began a $16.5 million renovation project. With a plan for new lockers, television monitors, computer labs, improved guidance and administration offices, a new library, a new secondary gym, new tennis courts, more classrooms, and a redesigned parking lot, Lebanon High School proudly entered the 21st century. With these new facilities, Lebanon High School established itself as one of the most important buildings in the entire Lebanon community.

With a new found sense of flexibility, the redesigned Lebanon High School is able to grow with its student body into the future. Serving over 1000 students each year, Lebanon High School sees many changes from year to year. Yet this Indiana high school is consistent in providing an outstanding environment for students to learn in. Under their mission to cultivate and reach every student, Lebanon High School influences students lives and their future by sharing the power of education.

Students at Lebanon High School participate in a myriad of activities including Fall, Winter and Spring sports and other clubs and activities. With a well rounded balance of work and play, students at Lebanon High School learn inside the classroom as well as out of it. Many students of Lebanon High School go onto continue their education at some of the largest colleges and universities in Indiana and the United States.

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Lebanon High School
510 Essex Drive
Lebanon, IN