Harold “Huck” Lewis: Current Mayor of Lebanon, Indiana

Lebanon, Indiana mayor Harold “Huck” Lewis didn’t ascend to the mayoral position through the usual channels. Most mayors must be elected into office, but it took a city wide tragedy for Lewis to take the reins of the medium sized Indiana city’s government. Lebanon, located about an hour northwest of Indiana state capital Indianapolis, held […]

Jeff C. Young: Young Adult Writer from Lebanon

Everyone agrees that education is one of the most important benefits we can give our children, whether they’re Lebanon children or Indianapolis children. But Lebanon schools aren’t the only repositories for educational information. The libraries of Indiana are packed with a bevy of non-fiction books geared toward youngsters, books designed to expose our youth to […]

Kent Poole: Ill-Fated Hickory Husker from Lebanon

Every town has its tragedies. Local residents remember them for years afterward, the town mourns as one, and for decades old timers recall the “bad times” or the “unfortunate incident.” Tragedies leave a stain on a community, a stain that is almost impossible to rub out, a stain that becomes part of the town’s identity. […]

Doug Jones: The “Sultan of Slow”

Most closing pitchers in Major League Baseball are known for their ferocious fastballs and high energy. After all, they sit on the bench for the first six or seven innings. By the time closers mount the mound in the eighth or ninth inning, the rest of the team (and the opposing batter) is exhausted, allowing […]

Mel Kenyon: “King of the Midgets”

Unsurprisingly, Indiana is home to a variety of top caliber racers. Some Hoosiers have gasoline in their veins, in no small part due to the nearby presence of Speedway, Indiana and its vaunted racing venue. One such born and bred Indiana racer is Mel Kenyon, otherwise known as “Miraculous Mel,” the “Champion of Midget Auto […]

Craig Terrill: Gridiron Bruiser, Guitar Picker, Lebanon Native

Most famous Indiana people are good at only one thing. People like Indiana Mr. Basketball Rick Mount are good at sports, while people like Dick Van Dyke excel only when they’re playing someone else. Lebanon, Indiana native Craig Terrill, however, has been blessed with the good fortune to be twice the celebrity. While Terrill’s day […]

Rick Mount: Indiana Mr. Basketball from Lebanon

Lebanon, Indiana is a tiny town just north of Indianapolis in Central Indiana. Though all of Indiana is a basketball loving state, it’s the small towns that really get behind the sport. Basketball gives young Hoosiers a chance to leave the cornfields and small town values of rural Indiana behind to pursue a dream. One […]