Donaldson’s Offers World-Class Chocolate in Small Town Indiana

Chocolate case at Donaldson's#LebanonIN — Donaldson’s Finer Chocolates has been making milk and dark chocolate candies for nearly 50 years.

Their secret recipe and consistent placement on various central Indiana “best-of” lists, including the 2014 Indy A-List for Best Chocolate, convince most that their creative confections will be good; but bite into a cracker sized sea-salt caramel and milk chocolate candy, and you know you’re tasting a drop of heaven.

So you would think that a place that can harness the taste of the here-after would be expensive or wedged within some mountain pass.  Neither is true.

The secrets whirled and baked into each confection are sold in a cozy, unassuming home-like store just off the second I-65 Lebanon exit in Boone County. According to employees, Donaldson’s Chocolates are made “the old-fashioned way”, with fresh “creamery butter,” rich whole milk, pure cane sugar, and top quality chocolate.

Employees hand craft Donaldson's choclates onsiteWhile huge manufacturers and candy conglomerates may have institutionalized the manufacturing of chocolate, Donaldson’s employees are busy developing their own successful process of separating, grinding, and regrinding the cocoa beans into a chocolate liquor. Further mixings create various forms of chocolate. Combining the finest chocolates with secret recipes for caramel, butter creams, and other specialty products is what George and Peg Donaldson have perfected since 1966.For easy gift giving, Donaldson's carries pre-wrapped boxes of handcrafted treats.

Pretty brilliant recipe: Cocoa beans from South America plus rich dairy products from the Midwest create what Donaldson’s offers every day — world class chocolates.

Donaldson’s Finer Chocolates opens at 9:00am Monday through Saturday. The shop closes at 6:00pm on weekdays and 5:00pm on Saturdays and is closed on Sunday. Online orders may be placed on the Donaldson’s website.